Monthly Archives: March 2016

April Fool’s

Once whenever I was thirteen, I was dating this girl named Jaycee. At the time I was going to Ringling with my friend, Tristen and his mom. I texted my mom and told her I got Jaycee pregnant just as a joke. She said she almost had a heart attack when i told her that. I just find it very ironic now, because I actually have a kid now but not with the same girl. The girl i was dating has a kid now too, it’s crazy….


Everyday Life

The past three weeks have been pretty crazy. Being a senior in high school is a lot, like we only have like 33 more days of school left then we are done. The past month or so i have had bad senioritis, just lazy dont feel like going to school. This past week though I had been real sick, to the point where i thought i was dying..