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Im a Senior at Dickson High School.

Lay low

I’ve figured that if I wanna be able to see my son. I don’t need to do anything that Brooke will hold against me. So I lay low now and just chil with my friends and family 



Life can challenge you at times you just have to be strong. I’m in a sticky situation right now myself. My girlfriend and I broke up and now all I wanna do is just see my son. And she acts like I’m the bad guy everytime we argue that’s why I couldn’t stay in that relationship 

After graduation.

Friday can not come fast enough. I’m so ready to graduate with my family from school but most of all after graduation is about to be live. No details I’ll just say you will hear about it even tho school will be out.


Tattoos are great. Some ppl may not like them but I honestly love the feeling of them. They hurt in some places but overall I just like the feeling and sound of the gun. It just tickles me.


Waiting is probably the most time consuming activity in our day. Honestly our days just consist of waiting for different ppl and stuff. To do what we wanted to do in the first place